3 Ways You Can Stay Fit for Summer

June 20, 2016

    Summer is here the kids are out of school we have longer days and warmer weather. This time of year can motivate us to start taking better care of our health. With the good weather people are spending more time outdoors and that extra layer of fat we all put on for the winter no longer seems to be needed. Short sleeves and bare legs make us more aware of what is needed for us to tone up. Small changes in your daily habits can help you to take better care of yourself as well as lose those extra pounds.


    Of course this would be on my list of have to's. It doesn't matter what you do just go out and do something. Walk, run, shop, hike, cycle, skate or whatever you love to do best as long as you move. Get your fitbit out of the drawer and log 10,000 steps every day. Hitting an aerobic goal of 30 minutes five times a week will help you maintain overall fitness and help speed up your metabolism contributing to maintaining your healthy weight. Add a couple of days of lifting weights and you will condition your muscles making them stronger too. 

Eat Healthier... 
    Most of us eat more food at one sitting than our bodies need. Larger portions, to many carbohydrates not enough fruits and vegetables all help to add pounds and zap our energy. This time of year farmers markets have plenty of summer fruits and vegetables. Pick up your favorite fruits to satisfy that sugar craving or make it your evening desert. Drink an 8 oz glass of water before eating your meals this will fill you up a bit and keep you from eating more than your body really needs. Use a smaller plate and serve your fruits and vegetables first. A 4 oz portion of meat, chicken or fish is really all your body needs.


    Or go horseback riding, skiing, belly-dancing, rowing, trampolining, or hiking. Try something new or take up a hobby something you might have always wanted to try.  Hobbies have been know to lower stress levels, recharge your battery, improve your mood and your immune system. Trying something new stimulates your brain giving it a workout too. Whatever it is make sure your having fun..

Enjoy your Summer!!