Celebrating Thanksgiving in a Healthy Way

October 31, 2016

      Those daily chores aren't so hard anymore. You're seeing the benefits of additional walking and workouts. You've been working hard at watching what you eat with all those fruits, vegetables whole grains and healthy carbs. You have more energy, you've lost some weight and you just feel better over all. Now it's time to think about Thanksgiving!!!

     I love this time of year especially because it's an opportunity to get together with family and friends. But there's also the risk that all the food and sitting around, starting at Thanksgiving and culminating after New Year's, can send us back to where we started in terms of fitness and diet. Can the holidays also include the blessing of health and wellness? Of course! So how do you get through it without sabotaging all the hard work you've already done?

Affirmations and Goals

      Let's say you're walking 10,000 steps everyday. How many are you going to take on Thanksgiving Day? Christmas Day? New Year's Day? First and foremost take time for yourself. Your workout is well deserved. It replenishes your reserve and helps give you the energy to do those additional things that are needed for the holidays. Go for a long walk and invite your company to come along or go alone. Reflect on how far you've come:

- You have set a goal and are working toward achieving that goal every day. 
- You have found personal weaknesses and overcome them. 
- You have found personal strengths and admired them. 
- You have  been making your health, fitness and mind the priority! Part of celebrating life is giving yourself the best things possible.

   Here are 4 dietary goals that are very doable for Thanksgiving that would benefit anyone.

- Eat at least one vegetable a day
- Eat at least one fruit a day 
- Eat breakfast every day 
- You get to splurge on Thursday but stay within your calorie range all other days
   Appreciate the Time Together

    Yes, Thanksgiving can throw a curve ball when it comes to exercise and fitness. But it can also be a challenge emotionally too. Gratitude is all about appreciating the things you have, everyday. Thanksgiving is one of a few special days when we get together over a special meal. Sharing conversation, stories and connections about family with the next generation. It's about spending time with loved ones appreciating and accepting them completely, no matter what their quirks are. We so often take people for granted only to miss them as soon as they have left. Many times loved ones leave and we wish we’d told them how much they mean to us. These connections to friends and family make us feel loved and connected.

Be Grateful

      I am grateful that I have a healthy body, an active mind and an understanding that this is truly a temporary state. As we age these things we take for granted change dramatically. Our bodies don't work like they use to. We have aches and pains in places we never used to and our digestive system gets cranky when we eat out of it's usual routine.

 Be Thankful

    The wonderful smell of the ocean air as I walk on Fiscalini Ranch or the blowing wind as I ride my bike along the coastline are to be enjoyed for this moment. There will come a time when I can no longer walk the two miles across the ranch or lift my leg to hop on my bicycle for a Sunday morning ride. It's about being grateful for what I have. Being mindful that there are many who have less. It's about appreciating those who hold a special place in my life and making sure that they know it. 

    By taking care of yourself emotionally and physically you are giving your family a real gift. These changes you've made are now a lifestyle, so share that lifestyle with those you love.