2016: New Year, New Breath, New Chances

December 28, 2015

   Can anyone have 365 days of greatness? Probably not. Life itself has ups and downs and the curve balls you're thrown teach you about your own strengths and weaknesses. What you do with that knowledge is what truly makes you a better stronger person. 

   The beginning of 2015 started out with a wonderful BANG for me! A new studio, a live-in partner... and a new life began. As the year progressed the stresses of life and starting anew weren't exactly what I had envisioned. The year ends with another big BANG and not in a good way. So now I'm preparing for the new year like everyone else deciding what I want to change and how I want to go about it.

Begin with affirmations 
Write down your intentions for the year.  What do you want to happen? Make those statements positive ones. Re-visit them often reminding you what your intent is... 

Trust that whatever comes up you will be able to handle it, growing and learning from the process. Drop the fears when they arise, since it only blocks the good from coming into your life. Fear constricts your energy and ability to receive. Think of these blocks and fears as ongoing experiments rather than a successful or failed attempt at change. And don't be too hard on yourself - it's really about the progress you've made not the perfection of it.  

In order to receive you will need to remain open and let go of the judgments of how you think things should go. This one is most difficult when challenges arise. Feel your feelings and truthfully express them in a way that takes personal responsibility. Accept and acknowledge the good things that have happened to you and then look to see where you can change and grow. This one is the hardest for me.

Trust in yourself and your journey as the months unfold in 2016. Your spirit always leads you to what is best for your soul. When you have those triumphs, which you will, celebrate! It's wonderful when you manifest your desires, survive a tough situation, or overcome an obstacle.

Make 2016 a great year no matter what!

Motivate Yourself
Make that change with actions. Set a goal and move towards it. Try something new if your previous ways haven't worked out for you. Find something that will make your life more enjoyable and, who knows, down the road it might happen. Changing one thing in your life now can create that domino effect of things happening for you in the way you hope for. Change leads to new beginnings. 

Here's to new beginnings for everyone in 2016 !!!