Too Busy to Exercise?

April 6, 2015

Have you found recently that your workouts have gone by the wayside? Life is getting busier and the long days just give you more time to do more stuff? Computers and modern conveniences do make it easier for us to complete our daily tasks.  Many people say they are busier than ever and are having a difficult time managing work, family, social life, fitness and more. In fact, lack of time is the number one reason some people won’t start or will stop an exercise program. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day to get everything done!   

We all can commit to health and fitness which ultimately means a better quality of life for ourselves and our families. If you don't make the time now for fitness and a healthy lifestyle down the road you will deal with illnesses and many side effects of your medications. Here are just a few helpful ways  you can continue with  your healthy exercise commitments.

Move Your Body:

Move more. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away from your destination. Do more of your errands on foot. Walk 30 minutes during the day even if it means 15 minute at a time. The recommended amount of cardio is 30 minutes 6 days a week.

Don't Make Excuses:

We all can admit to making excuses for not doing something. Plan exercise in your day as if it is one of those errands for the day. Use the time to let your mind wander or plan the rest of your day.

Make it Short and Sweet:

If you have limited time than ramp up the intensity of your workout.  Instead of 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions time the work out so that every exercise is 2-3 minutes long. Repeat 3 or 4 exercises 3 or 4 times. Work hard and you can accomplish the same workload in a shorter period of time. 

Use Your Whole Body: 

Combine more than one muscle group at a time. Such as a bicep curl with a forward lunge. Or a front dumbbell raise with a squat. Plank with a single arm row or single legged dead lift with weights . Any combination will help you condition  all the muscles involved.

 Make your Rest Periods Shorter:

Shorten your rest period so that every minute is used effectively. That will make your workout even more beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Think Ahead:

Knowing what your going to do before you get to the gym will help with the effectiveness and efficiency of your workout. Having a Personal Trainer helps with this. All you have to do is show up. He/she has the rest covered.