Website Grand Opening

November 28, 2016

    I love to be active and believe this is what makes life worth living. My goal is to provide the vitality and physical well being that energizes and inspires others. The studio is built around what my clients need and want. As a visitor I want you to know what we offer while you are in Cambria. Drop in classes you can attend while spending time in our small community.  Our website offers ongoing events, cost and descriptions of events and classes, activities exercise related one can explore while visiting Cambria and who i am and what I believe in. This is just the beginning... we will be adding other things to do exercise related while visiting the Central Coast. We are a small studio offering an intimate experience. It’s one of those few businesses where you can be on the front line of changing peoples’ lives. I believe that the best gym is the one you want to keep going back to. 

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